Soldier Soldier

A Soldier is a soldier…

they may be of any nationality

or religion

A soldier is a soldier…

just fighting for their country

away from their own emotions

Like a firefly who spreads light,

even when its in the dark.

Like a tiger , they wait

to pounce on the enemy,

so, the whole nation celebrates!!!

Hats off to those mothers,

They still give away their diamonds for the nation..

Hats off to those newly weds,

They still give away their amazing evenings for the nation…

Hats off to those children,

They still give away their support system for the nation…

Dear Soldier,

Thank you for keeping us safe..


Holding the nation intact with your blood..


The life style


where we started living a new life,

that we never lived before,

where we started building our dreams,

one more time…


Summer doesn’t stay for long,

and Winter doesn’t end sooner,


we miss the sun alot…

We go to Spain and Africa and India…

Just to find some Light…

Here where we live,

we learnt the glory of summer,

we now know the unexpectedness of winter,

Oh! dont forget the wind…

it cuts through your skin like a knight’s sword..

Here Where we live…

We are not scared of these harsh winters..

We are just busy giving a shape to our dreams…

We live in colder countries…



Dear girl,

Dear girl,

You are just Married..

You are just changing home…

Its not an alien world out there,

Just do not try to change your self…

Just do not give yourself…

There may be influences..

Do not give up!!!

Just try and keep your identity,

My mom once advised me ,

You are getting married…

This is only an incident happening in your life…

It may be sweet,

But still do not change yourself!!!


My mind is stuck somewhere..

My career as a House Wife,

I wish I could give a break to my responsibilities for a short while.

I feel to be a little girl again,

For a while…

Getting all the delights my little one is getting.

I am not jealous…

But I really want to go back in time once…

I don’t need to cook my own food,

I don’t need to iron my own clothes,

I don’t need to vacuum the house..

Oh! what a life it was,

Its a good idea to let our children have their child hood as it is…

Giving them a lot of memories to cherish….