My mind is stuck somewhere..

My career as a House Wife,

I wish I could give a break to my responsibilities for a short while.

I feel to be a little girl again,

For a while…

Getting all the delights my little one is getting.

I am not jealous…

But I really want to go back in time once…

I don’t need to cook my own food,

I don’t need to iron my own clothes,

I don’t need to vacuum the house..

Oh! what a life it was,

Its a good idea to let our children have their child hood as it is…

Giving them a lot of memories to cherish….


4 thoughts on “Childhood

  1. A small controvsy thought for this Soumya…this is my thinking…sharing with u..
    Its very important to give memorable childhood for our children..but its also important to get them ready to be independent. I know we were not trained and we are facing the situations now…but its a bit painful for us..if we think “oh! I was brought up like this…that…but now I am suffering”…So I would feel our children should enjoy their childhood and also get ready to be independent…

    Hope I wasn’t out of topic.


    1. Thanks for the view Kaveri…
      What I feel about this is,
      I think every generation has a problem with how they were grown up. I have examples. Its not only us thinking like that. Complaints were always there. That’s human nature, we are never satisfied. I too feel the same way as you mentioned. I know we were not trained but I hope you know the proverb.. ‘Life always gives the test first and then the lesson’ One can never be trained, we just change our course with experiences. Parents always try to give the best for us Kaveri, but even they cant predict whats going to happen with us.
      We will talk more when we meet Kaveri..


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