The life style


where we started living a new life,

that we never lived before,

where we started building our dreams,

one more time…


Summer doesn’t stay for long,

and Winter doesn’t end sooner,


we miss the sun alot…

We go to Spain and Africa and India…

Just to find some Light…

Here where we live,

we learnt the glory of summer,

we now know the unexpectedness of winter,

Oh! dont forget the wind…

it cuts through your skin like a knight’s sword..

Here Where we live…

We are not scared of these harsh winters..

We are just busy giving a shape to our dreams…

We live in colder countries…




5 thoughts on “The life style

  1. You are right Soumya..No time to scared of winter or thinking of summer…Its all quick..we are like a horse keeping our dreams in front of our eyes and running behind….


  2. Very nice poim and photo.
    Keep it up.
    Navya lo kavitala poti padindi.
    Raasi pampataniki try cheyyi. Online lo pampavachu


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