Home, Sweet home

The redness of the sea,
When it meets the sky
in the evening,
Looks like the redness on the
forehead of a new bride…

My eyes are having a feast
With the stars instead of the

My ears are surprised with the
Sound of birds instead of the

The shells reaching the shore
are carrying castles of

There’s no signed road..
There’s no signal for WiFi. .
But still life did not stop.

My heart says,
There’s no place like my own space,
There’s no memory without friends,

My dear nature,
It’s time to leave now!!
My city is calling me!!


Wedding invitaion

That beautiful lady entered into my house a while ago,

I didn’t imagine she would wipe all my worries,

I didn’t even know she would be my new best friend…

leaving all my friends behind…

Lately she’s more cleverer.


she knows all my secrets,

My shopping lists,

she knows my favourite person

She searches the whole world and lets me know the best things…

She likes it in my hands,

all warm, cosy and wrapped up

It was obvious that an intelligent, commendable, smart, and adorable

friend is worth living with…

Then I looked for the best person she could be happy


and finally its happening….

The wedding of my smart phone with my WiFi

Families and phones graciously invited…