Books come in different shapes and sizes... Some advice you and some warn you, You cant stop with just one book, You can feel the pain when it has a scratch!! Books, they come in different colours and fittings, Some teach you and some motivate you, they are always there when your gadget turns off, … Continue reading Books



Expedition, Trek, Drive, Cruise.. Whatever you call it, Travelling is fun... The long road ahead, is like the mysteries to be unravelled in life!!! A snap or two on the highway, gives as much pleasure as a million dollars!!! The nature that travels back, is too beautiful that the eyes cant get any more!!! Sleep … Continue reading Journey


We influenced rain to go away, we asked it to come again some other day, rain is still waiting....   we cut forests, we need paper and furniture, we erase the ozone.... we envy sky scrappers, we fill oceans with garbage, Clouds are concerned, For a place to pour down !!!   Rain is still waiting, for, when … Continue reading Rain