Colder days…again!!

Smile and smile and smile….

It’s a beautiful day.

Everything intact!!

Everything provided!!

Colder days are back again..

Smile and smile and smile…

Step outside the house all wrapped up!!

Walk along the roads all chilled up!!

There’s a message in winter…

Reminding about the bright summer ahead!!

There’s a story in winter…

Coming to an end before realising about it!!

So smile and smile and smile..

Winters here..

     with all its beautiful colours

      merging into a peaceful white!!

Winters here…

        with all its sunny and windy days

        glooming through the twilight!!

Mean while

Chin up and keep smiling…

Winters here and it’s not forever!!!!



Silly me…

If  only I have magical powers…

A bagful of chocolates won’t let me put on weight,

If only I were the sun….

A CD full of video games won’t let me scarce of time,

but then,

If only I can let plastic disappear from the world…

There wont be any plastic eating animals!

If only I can help nations be ego free…

There won’t be any torn down families!

If only I can be silly,

A knock knock joke can make my day!!

If only I am a fairy,

I can sprinkle magic dust all over the earth!!!

All my wishes are wrapped inside my arms,

My little secrets those are kept away from the world,

If only I have magical powers..

anything is possible!!!