A confused soul

Is that my freedom,

Is that my destiny,

I don’t know…

Is that my interest ,

Is that my short cut,

I don’t know…

Am I my own guide or do I follow some one else…

Is everything else in the world so confusing or is it only me…

I don’t know…

If it’s right, why is it??

If it’s wrong, why is it??

Can I clear my own confusion or do I need a suggestion…

Are you confused with me while reading this or do you get what I wanted to say…

Is the technology going the right way??

Is the world choosing the right options??

How many have dinner on their plates tonight…

How many have roofs on their heads tomorrow . .

Is today more beautiful than tomorrow. .??

Is there a brighter sun tomorrow. .??

Is there a peaceful sky tomorrow. .??

I don’t know..

Am I living in the past???

Am I focusing on future???

I don’t know…

Let me live in the present!!

Because i am enough confused…


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