Dear Sunrise

Dear sunrise,

How delighted I am to watch you every morning

when you shine your crispy orange rays on my window…

How lighted my home is in the evening,

when you set your bright showers towards my lounge…

Opening my doors to welcome you is my daily routine,

Your amazing mixture of colours is captivating,

Wonder if i can get some motivation,

Trying on different combinations for matching,

Dear sun rise,

I tried looking for you over the sea and the mountain.

you are a feast for the eyes, every where,

The sea view filled my heart with love and peace,

The mountain view filled my soul with freshness and adventure,

They said you are a flaming ball of fire away in the universe…

For the earthling, you are the visible hope of the day…

Dear Sun rise,

It all starts with a broad smile on my face…

And a cup of coffee for company…

While celebrating your attempts to win the night and spread all over the deep blue sky…








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