World’s top ten pop songs

Why is it all about a relation ship. Love comes in different shapes and sizes jus like any other thing in the world. Why does every young generation feel the same. That love is what life is for. Actually life has so many more things to give and take, like the joy of a sea shell, the death of a dear one, the warmness of an adventure. Love is the first test we all take to decide the way of life. Teenage is the right age to decide, to think life. I too don’t believe in enjoying life later. Teenage is the right age to enjoy life. Your gates to enter the adult world are about to open. I can understand that anxiety, your hormones are creating when you are trying to leave childhood behind and taste the experiences of adulthood.

Why am I lecturing about this.. because since 3 or 4 months ,when I want to hear any top 10 songs, it’s only about love, break up, sex, drinking or materialising women. I don’t know what are they trying to give the younger generation. My 4 yr olds fav song is one of those, he doesn’t listen to rhymes anymore. Blame the internet but we can spread some normal things too.

You see ,there’s lots happening in the world, please I want to convey to teenagers that life is not all about love, sex or finding the right partner.. life is also about working towards your goal, spending quality time with freinds, and checking out your neighbours.

Hope, my writing reaches the great writers and poets who are enjoying the top ten or hundred position on you tube.. please change the topic. I am personally fed up of hearing the same things again and again. There’s more to life than you are imagining and sharing with the world..

I want..

Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ back..

Pharrell Williams ‘happy’ back..

Rhett and Link ‘I am on vacation’ back..

Wiz khalifa ‘ See you again’ back..

Songs are a great medium since centuries to motivate any person or animal. It’s our responsibility to guide them through those walls of maze. Please, dear writers, do not block the wall with the same kind of love, please let them look ahead…

I believe, the maze of life is wonderful.. explore and it gets better.


4 thoughts on “World’s top ten pop songs

  1. Wowww.. really good one Soumya.. very good observation and you have articulated very nicely.. its very true that most of the songs that are viral have no moral.. I went on a long drive day before and was thinking in a similar way and had a thought that most songs these days are noisy and make no sense.. there are still a very few that are too sensible but not viral most of the time..

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  2. Great thoughts Soumya . True concern . But , not sure if we can blame the writers/poets . It’s a commercial world at the end of the day and they sell only what is sellable – isn’t it πŸ™„

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  3. Yes Soumya ,the exploration of life for teenagers should be way beyond love and sex .As you said it should be their experiences with so many little things the adventuresin their daily life for eg learning how to cook ,how to enjoy their bubble lush baths ,how to be free birds without being anxious about ???playing ,being chirpy ,teasing , naughty with touch of caring.😊
    Very well presented Soumya πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘great going 😘😍

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