Emotions Emotions…

Big or small,

It’s important who rules who…

Emotions or you!!!


Dear Sunrise

Dear sunrise,

How delighted I am to watch you every morning

when you shine your crispy orange rays on my window…

How lighted my home is in the evening,

when you set your bright showers towards my lounge…

Opening my doors to welcome you is my daily routine,

Your amazing mixture of colours is captivating,

Wonder if i can get some motivation,

Trying on different combinations for matching,

Dear sun rise,

I tried looking for you over the sea and the mountain.

you are a feast for the eyes, every where,

The sea view filled my heart with love and peace,

The mountain view filled my soul with freshness and adventure,

They said you are a flaming ball of fire away in the universe…

For the earthling, you are the visible hope of the day…

Dear Sun rise,

It all starts with a broad smile on my face…

And a cup of coffee for company…

While celebrating your attempts to win the night and spread all over the deep blue sky…








Knocking on neighbours door for no good reason,

Letting fingers play with mummy’s hair,

Press a button when it’s coloured red,

Unlock smart phone within seconds of locking it,

Steal pencils even when you have a dozen of them,

Letting hands into your partners pockets,

Biting finger nails in public,

Crying in the theater for a tragedy scene,

Looking at displays in the cake shop,

Too many temptations…

Some sweet and some hard!!!

Dancing in the rain,

Admiring that ice cream,

Pampering chubby cheeks,

Waiting for a dear one,

Temptations always…

Temptations every where…

Temptations every walk of life…

New ones and old ones..

A book full of temptations..!!!



You visit anytime,

Knocking into any heart,

Though its already filled,

zipped and locked for him,

Treasured for rubies and pearls..


You visit any time,

Knocking into any heart,

Though not a stranger,

I embraced you once,

then, as an young sprout,

melt in the blushing light of your magic.


You visit any time,

Knocking into any heart,

with charm and delight,

hypnotic and enchanting,

Though not welcome,

I let you in,

with arms tightly closed,

wondering the length of your stay..


you visit any time,

knocking into any heart,

you let me..

be conscious of your existence,

and realize your true meaning,

you suggest you were always there…!!

took me a while to conclude this…!!


A confused soul

Is that my freedom,

Is that my destiny,

I don’t know…

Is that my interest ,

Is that my short cut,

I don’t know…

Am I my own guide or do I follow some one else…

Is everything else in the world so confusing or is it only me…

I don’t know…

If it’s right, why is it??

If it’s wrong, why is it??

Can I clear my own confusion or do I need a suggestion…

Are you confused with me while reading this or do you get what I wanted to say…

Is the technology going the right way??

Is the world choosing the right options??

How many have dinner on their plates tonight…

How many have roofs on their heads tomorrow . .

Is today more beautiful than tomorrow. .??

Is there a brighter sun tomorrow. .??

Is there a peaceful sky tomorrow. .??

I don’t know..

Am I living in the past???

Am I focusing on future???

I don’t know…

Let me live in the present!!

Because i am enough confused…

To the next Gen

My dear next generation,

I am not tired when I stopped,

I am not a nomad when I am still walking,

I am the way, you are trying to find…

I am the ladder, you are trying to climb…

I am your shadow, once you reach there,

I am the happiness, when you look back,

Laughing like the clear sky,

Cherishing the long wait..

I knew it,

From my experience…

you are now paving some one else’s way,

you are now being some one else’s ladder,

Being tomorrow’s generation,

Do not forget the hands, that dug the road for you,

I am still the happiness, when you look back..

Laughing like the clear sky,

I am the reminiscence, never tired of talking about you…

I am your parent, never stopped wishing you the best….