Endless (Relocate)

Oh dears,

Can you write something for me,

in your hearts…

I am moving, moving from this place,

packing memories,

memories deep inside…

memories that brought smiles…

memories that carried silence….

every memory was great,

Thanks for them guys…

My dears,

Can you write something for me,

in your hearts…

I am relocating,

like the sun to cherish the other side of the world!!!

like a little baby to explore the corners of space!!!

like the waves to come back again and again!!!

Dear Friends… I name you…

my energy boosters,

my laughing partners,

my advising committee,

my survival guides,

my eye openers,

Can you write something for me in your hearts,

The movies we watched together,

The rides we went together,

The compliments we gave each other,

The complaints we cleared with each other,

Oh dear,

My fingers have more to type,

My heart has so much more to say,

I can’t decide over an ending for this,

Good bye dear friends… See you soon



Read a lot about it…

Experienced some about it…

Gave it and got it too…

Friendships are pearls,

Hiding inside the oyster,

Finders keepers…

Home, Sweet home

The redness of the sea,
When it meets the sky
in the evening,
Looks like the redness on the
forehead of a new bride…

My eyes are having a feast
With the stars instead of the

My ears are surprised with the
Sound of birds instead of the

The shells reaching the shore
are carrying castles of

There’s no signed road..
There’s no signal for WiFi. .
But still life did not stop.

My heart says,
There’s no place like my own space,
There’s no memory without friends,

My dear nature,
It’s time to leave now!!
My city is calling me!!

Dear girl,

Dear girl,

You are just Married..

You are just changing home…

Its not an alien world out there,

Just do not try to change your self…

Just do not give yourself…

There may be influences..

Do not give up!!!

Just try and keep your identity,

My mom once advised me ,

You are getting married…

This is only an incident happening in your life…

It may be sweet,

But still do not change yourself!!!


My mind is stuck somewhere..

My career as a House Wife,

I wish I could give a break to my responsibilities for a short while.

I feel to be a little girl again,

For a while…

Getting all the delights my little one is getting.

I am not jealous…

But I really want to go back in time once…

I don’t need to cook my own food,

I don’t need to iron my own clothes,

I don’t need to vacuum the house..

Oh! what a life it was,

Its a good idea to let our children have their child hood as it is…

Giving them a lot of memories to cherish….

Good Night

This is mid of January in London.

The Sun has already set a long time ago.

Children roaming in their dreams.

Me, trying to say Good Night…

Sleep isn’t having pity on me today,

My dreams trying to get wings.

They say they don’t need me to sleep to have them.

or are they called

Thoughts and Aspirations.

This blog is to give those thoughts a life…