My Experiences…

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  1. Depression..

Part 1:

It happened when my 2nd child was 8 months old. one day one of my friends suddenly asked.. if I was in depression. I used to take care of her son after school. it was just a 2 minute conversation while picking her son from my house. I denied by telling her that I was alright and super busy to get depressed.

but that night I started thinking if I was really in depression.

may be I was in depression, may be that’s why I hear haunting sounds when I am bathing, I am scared to go to the loo with door closed, may be that’s why I feel some one is behind me, watching me , when I am too much involved in conversing with my little one, may be that’s why I am finding too many faults in my husband, who is a perfect gentle…

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cell phonaina kakapothini

Cell phonaina kakapothini ,  nee chethulalo ninduga!!

Current billunaina kakapothini,  nee manasulo medhalaga!!

Cuppu coffee naina kakapothini,  nee indhriyalanu santhimpaga!!

Remotu aina kakapothini,  nee thodu nai muravaga!!

bhugarbhamu lona railu naithe,

gamyamunaku cherchana!!

andhuvalana srinivasuni edhuruchupunu pondhana!!

kanti chivarana badalika naithe,

kalala theeram choopana!!

nidhralona srinivasuni gnapakalanu moyana!!


cell phonu naina kakapothini nee chethulalo nalugaga!!

current billu naina kaakapothini nee manasulo medhalaga!!


neetinaina kaakapothini dhaahamunu theerchuthu,

gundelona prema motham paataga maaraga,

sahajeevanamulo aanandham tho samayamu gadavaga,

suryasthamayamu vaipu mana nadaka sagaga…


cell phonaina kakapothini nee chethulalo nalugaga!!

current billunaina kakapothini nee manasulo medhalaga!!








Lucky enough

I am lucky

I have a roof to live under…

I am lucky

I have a healthy family…

I am lucky

I have food on my plate..

I am lucky

I have enough to give away..

I have friends to ask about me..

I have a heart to think of you..

I have freedom for my thoughts..

I have access to knowledge..

All the other not have’s don’t matter at all..


Living is a lesson

       Where the past says

                Forget me not, embrace me not

Living is hope

       Where the future says

         Fantasise me not, welcome me hard

Some times,

      Life leaves a message

      A message for the future to appreciate

Some times,

      Life leaves a mark

      A mark not earasable in history..

Life is a bridge between past and future.

Human kind is still digging for answers..

Through centuries untired, 

Moving forward with eyes closed,

Believing in an unseen force of nature..

That  force takes us to a tomorrow. .

A tomorrow where life still goes on..

With many unanswered questions..

Try answering some of the questions,

We can be the message for the future..


Knocking on neighbours door for no good reason,

Letting fingers play with mummy’s hair,

Press a button when it’s coloured red,

Unlock smart phone within seconds of locking it,

Steal pencils even when you have a dozen of them,

Letting hands into your partners pockets,

Biting finger nails in public,

Crying in the theater for a tragedy scene,

Looking at displays in the cake shop,

Too many temptations…

Some sweet and some hard!!!

Dancing in the rain,

Admiring that ice cream,

Pampering chubby cheeks,

Waiting for a dear one,

Temptations always…

Temptations every where…

Temptations every walk of life…

New ones and old ones..

A book full of temptations..!!!



You visit anytime,

Knocking into any heart,

Though its already filled,

zipped and locked for him,

Treasured for rubies and pearls..


You visit any time,

Knocking into any heart,

Though not a stranger,

I embraced you once,

then, as an young sprout,

melt in the blushing light of your magic.


You visit any time,

Knocking into any heart,

with charm and delight,

hypnotic and enchanting,

Though not welcome,

I let you in,

with arms tightly closed,

wondering the length of your stay..


you visit any time,

knocking into any heart,

you let me..

be conscious of your existence,

and realize your true meaning,

you suggest you were always there…!!

took me a while to conclude this…!!


A confused soul

Is that my freedom,

Is that my destiny,

I don’t know…

Is that my interest ,

Is that my short cut,

I don’t know…

Am I my own guide or do I follow some one else…

Is everything else in the world so confusing or is it only me…

I don’t know…

If it’s right, why is it??

If it’s wrong, why is it??

Can I clear my own confusion or do I need a suggestion…

Are you confused with me while reading this or do you get what I wanted to say…

Is the technology going the right way??

Is the world choosing the right options??

How many have dinner on their plates tonight…

How many have roofs on their heads tomorrow . .

Is today more beautiful than tomorrow. .??

Is there a brighter sun tomorrow. .??

Is there a peaceful sky tomorrow. .??

I don’t know..

Am I living in the past???

Am I focusing on future???

I don’t know…

there are for sure some sweet moments in life…

Let me relish them!!!

Because i am enough confused…