The ancient way

He is mad about giving me what he wants..

That’s love for him!

Every adjective in the world examplifies him..

Language just can’t describe him!

That’s the ancient way of a relation..

Tolerating the same person again and again!


Lives matter!

Is that really fun?

Getting into her private space

when she is not willing to!!!

She is not expecting you to,

She doesn’t need you to,

She has her own dreams

Just like you…

She holds it for a special person

Just like you….

She planned her tomorrow

Just like you…

Every girl every where

Is living with a fear ..

The fear of getting raped!

That thought is sown by culture..

And pops up every time she is alone or in crowd….

Educated or not..

Rich or poor….

She collected all the bricks and pieces…

To build her life… and…

Your desire that lasts for a minute

Is going to devastate her..

Next morning might be a normal or a satisfying one for you. …

But not for her

She needs to rebuild her dreams

She needs to rethink her life

Your one moment is going to cost her an entire life…

Her or him… doesn’t matter…. only lives matter. … controlling your inner sense matters…..


Whats more delightful!!!

He was eating a chocolate,

He was trying to tempt me,

He knows I love chocolate too,

He was looking for me from the corner of his eyes,

I was watching him eat it all up…

My handsome would be teenage son

He is growing up too quick…

Being happy..

Being happy is a state of mind..

Capture it and keep it,

Staying happy is a bliss for life…

Whether poor or rich,

Explore happiness as the way of life..

Everything that’s happening has a positive note,

Every positive note brings peace of mind,

Happiness comes along everytime you find peace of mind..


Some times it hurts..

Sometimes it hates..

Hates the inner you,

Hides the real you,

Finding it and getting it out..

That’s pure meditation,


It is your slave when you are aware of your self,

Keep it but decide who’s in control..



Always lingers around..

Waiting for the invite..

Won’t waste a minute

Holds you with love

Love, which is harder to get rid


The most disliked guest..

Go now,

We don’t need you anymore…