Read a lot about it…

Experienced some about it…

Gave it and got it too…

Friendships are pearls,

Hiding inside the oyster,

Finders keepers…



Some times it hurts..

Sometimes it hates..

Hates the inner you,

Hides the real you,

Finding it and getting it out..

That’s pure meditation,


It is your slave when you are aware of your self,

Keep it but decide who’s in control..



Always lingers around..

Waiting for the invite..

Won’t waste a minute

Holds you with love

Love, which is harder to get rid


The most disliked guest..

Go now,

We don’t need you anymore…

Raathiri. …

Prakruthi yokka cheekati roopam

Thongi choosthu chandamama

Veluthuru tho vennela aata paata

Mabbulu aade dhongaatalu

Pedarasi peddamma kanchi kadhalu

Raagaalaku praanam pose kavulu

Rasikathaku oopiri pose premikulu

Gootiki chere pakshulu

Kondhariki alasata theere samayam

Inkondhariki kunuku padani samayam

Prakruthi yokka cheekati roopam,